Ekobigsol® Organic Worm Fertilizer 20 KG.

Ekobigsol® Organic Worm Fertilizer

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Ekobigsol® Organic Worm Fertilizer Features

  1. Vermicompost is an enviromentally friendly naturalfl fertilizer that is prepared from biodegradable organic wastes, does not contain chemical inputs.
  2. It has no negative effects on soil, plants and environment.
  3. While its granule structure regulates the structure of the soil and provides aeration, high water holding capacity minimizes the water stress in the soil.
  4. The large number of bacteria in its structure compete with harmful bacteria in the soil it is given, eliminating their harmful effects, thus increasing the resistance of plants against diseases.
  5. Protects the plants against negative effects of weather conditions(frost, temperature differences etc) Absolutely free of weed seeds.
  6. Provides high quality, efficient and long shelf life products.
  7. It is 0 ecological and non-toxic.
  8. Provides regulation of properties such as pH and humidity of the soil.
  9. In the particular, it provides the improvement of tired soils that are contaminated with chemicals, lost their strength abd vitality.
  10. Regulates the acidic , sandy soils and make them suitable for agriculture.
  11. Plants that grown with vermicompost don’t contain nitrate residues.
  12. Odorless
  13. Does not pollute the water, air and soil.
  14. It stays in the soil for a long time, so it provides nutrients of the plants for a long time.
  15. It provides the nutrients cautiously to the plant according to the needs of plant.
  16. Effective as both afood source and incentive for the plants to grow.
  17. It helps plants to form sturdy root system, increases the resistance of the plants to stress and patogens, and is an excellent fertilizer
  18. for the production of ecologically clean agricultural products.

How To Use Ekobigsol®️ Organic Vermicompost?

  1. When planting your vegetables, about 1 handful(approximately 50-60 gr); while planting your fruit trees, approximately 800 gr is applied to the seedling pit by directly contacting the root.
  2. Covered with soil and then irrigated. Thus, microorganisms stay in a humid environment and reproduce. In your adult trees, the shadow projection(crown projection) line is excavated in a circle at the depth of 15-20 cm. Fertilizer up to it diameter(2 kg if the shade diameter is 2 m) is put into this pit. It is covered on the seperated soil. Then irrigation is done. This allows the microorganisms to stay in a humid environment and multiply.
  3. In your planted vegetables, distance of 15-20cm from the stem is dug as a circle. One layer of fertilizer is applied so that soil can’t be seen in the pit. The seperated soil is applied by covering it with fertilizer again. This allows the microorganisms to stay in a humid environment and multiply.
  4. In seedling cultivation from seed; one third of vermicompost that routinely used to viols is left and the seed application is made directly. It provides rapid root development in the balcony gardening and all other ornamental plants; a thin layer of potted soil surface is took by stripped off.
  5. Fertilizer is placed in a way that the soil doesn’t appear as potted soil surface area. The seperated soil is covered on the fertilizer again and irrigated.
  6. In ekobigsol 0 organic vermicompost applications, it can be applied both to the leaf and soil seperately as well as together. Performing two applications together increases the root growth and resistance in one hand, providing yield increase on the other hand.
  7. Green growth of plants is provided by increasing the durability of the fruit and speed of photosynthesis. Especially its use during planting will support yield and root health, because it significantly supports the root development.

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