Ekobigsol® Organic Liquid Worm Fertilizer 1 lt.

Ekobigsol® Organic Liquid Worm Fertilizer

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Ekobigsol Organic Liquid Worm Fertilizer is a liquid vermicompost obtained by liquefying the solid vermicompost obtained by passing the animal and vegetable organic wastes through the digestive system of red california worms. While increasing the yield, durability and quality of fruit, vegetables and all plants, it gives these products natural aroma, freshness and long shelf life. It also provides resistance to root and root area diseases and pests. It can be used in all irrigation system such as drip irrigation, spraying irrigation. It can be applied from roots and leaves.

Guarranteed Content: Ph 5-7
Total Organic Matter: -20
Total Nitrogen: %3-5
Total Humidic Fulvic Acid: -15

Ekobigsol®️ Organic Liquid Vermicompost Properties

  1. It can be used in all irrigation system
  2. Elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium that plants and producta need, thanks to the microorganisms in its content allow the plant to be taken quickly and easily by natural methods.
  3. It strengthens the biological structure of the soil, root system of the products and plants, increases the durability to duseases thanks to organic matter in its content.
  4. It acts as a photosynthesis stimulator in foliar application.
  5. It increases the reproduction, growth and development process of all agricultural and plants, especially seedlings, and shortens the growing time of the product.
  6. It increases crop productivity.
  7. It reduces the stress of the soil and plant.
  8. It must be used by diluting.
  9. It increases the plant’s resistance to cold and frost.
  10. It is a fixed content product that contains all the nutrients necessarry for plants.
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