Red California Worms (Eisenia Foetida) consume more energy because they are more moving compared to earthworms. Therefore they need more food. Red California Worms consume half their own weight daily. The daily food requirement of 10,000 Red California Worms with an average weight of 0.6-0.7 gr is 3-3.5 kg. Worms use half of it to sustain their own lives, and manure the other half.

The quality of the food given to Red California Worms determines the quality of the fertilizer you will produce. Worms are fed with food consisting of 70% cattle manure and 30% organic waste. Cattle manure is passed through a separator and 80% of the liquid is separated. Solid fertilizer is allowed to ferment equally on all sides by controlling its temperature for about 3-4 months (not exceeding 70 ° C), mixing and moistening 3-4 times a week. On the other hand for pass through the digestive system easily by Red California Worms; decayed vegetable and fruit wastes, grass, straw, dried leaves (excluding coniferous ones), sawdust, eggshell, tea pulp, raw paper products (not chemically treated) are also added and passed through crusher machines. In the meantime, pests (mole cricket etc.) that may be in the cattle manure are also eliminated.

Now the food is ready to be given to Red California Worms. Approximately 5-6 cm of food is laid on the bed. Since Red California Worms are surface worms (they survive 8 cm from the surface) there is no need to feed more than 5-6 cm. The feeding process is repeated once a week. Meantime, the bed temperature must be kept under control. In winter, the bed temperatures are increased with the heating system and kept at 20-22 ° C. It should be ensured that these temperatures are not exceeded in the summer. Red California Worms like an environment with 80% humidity. The beds should be kept at this level by humidifying in a controlled manner. Bed checks should be done with temperature meters and moisture meters.